X-Art.com ~ Our Lucky Day starring Gina

Petite glamour model Gina from X-Art.com is looking so damn adorable as she strolls the streets with her boyfriend Ivan in one of the latest beautiful erotica releases Our Lucky Day. She is wearing a tiny pair of shorts and a sleeveless top that shows off her slim frame very well. The two head back to their apartment and Gina’s top is quickly removed, revealing her small breasts. Her nipples are erect with excitement and we suspect that her pussy is nice and wet as well, eager to feel her man’s hard cock deep inside of her. Ivan lays her down on the bed, removes her shorts and panties, using his tongue to taste and pleasure her at the same time. Gina’s eyes are closed and she moans passionately, enjoying every moment of it.

Unable to wait any longer, Gina climbs on top of Ivan and slides his cock inside of her, riding it quickly while his hands grab her ass cheeks. This cutie slows down the pace by hopping off and giving him a blowjob before surrendering herself to him again. Ivan takes her in various positions, changing his pace from slow love making to fucking her fast and hard. By Gina’s reactions you can tell she is thoroughly enjoying herself. The full-length version of this erotic video is absolutely amazing and we suggest you head over to X-Art today, get instant access to all their hot erotica and check it out for yourself!


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