X-Art.com ~ When You Least Expect It Starring Veronica

Veronica is getting ready for her dinner date with her boyfriend John and looking very sexy in the process. In her debut video and image update When You Least Expect It at X-Art.com, Veronica is putting on her makeup in the bathroom while wearing a bra and panty set that shows off her small breasts very well. Her thong panties do the same for that lovely ass of hers. John is busy working away while Veronica slips into her little black dress. Once he lays his eyes on her, his appetite is for this sexy model rather than the dinner reservation they have.

John moves her to the couch where they start kissing, his hands exploring her sexy body. Veronica is very aroused and quickly unzips his pants so she can get hands (and mouth!) on his already hard cock. Doesn’t she look amazing while she gives her boyfriend a blowjob? John returns the favour be spreading her legs and tasting her wet pussy. The two want each other so bad they make love on the couch rather than moving to the bedroom. If you like the images or short video shown here, we know you’ll absolutely love the full-length version over at X-Art.com. Click the link below and get instant access today!


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