X-Art – Domination Part I

X-Art has decided to go a little risque with one of their latest releases called “Domination Part I” that shows Aubrey’s exploration of her domination fantasies. This petite babe is one of our favorites and we always love seeing high quality videos and images featuring this gorgeous young lady but we were a bit reserved when we initially saw this title. After having seen the full-length video though, we were completely aroused and on board with the subject matter. Aubrey looks stunning completely naked and restrained as her lover expertly plays with her. She submits to him throughout the video, doing as he wishes which includes sucking his cock, allowing him to take her from behind and eventually receiving a facial as a reward. The scenes are intense and we loved it. Why not check it out for yourself and see what you think. Click the link below for instant access to X-Art.com today!


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