X-Art From 3 To 4 Part II Kate Keira Teal

Jake is one luck fellow! This strapping young lad doesn’t just get pulled to the bed by one of the beautiful girls from X-Art but three! In their release From 3 To 4 Part II Teal, Keira and Kate are waiting for him on the bed. When he enters the room, they playfully pull him onto the bed to join them. After some heavy kissing, the girls take time sucking on his cock to make sure he is nice and hard. You can tell by Jake’s moaning that he is enjoying it thoroughly! The girls take time climbing on top of him or if they’re not otherwise occupied, taste each other in some amazing lesbian action as well. Not sure how Jake was able to control himself for as long as he did. That lad has some amazing self-control and stamina. Enjoy the free gallery and be sure to check out the full-length version over at X-Art!


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