X-Art ~ Grow Up With Me

Baby has had some fantastic sexual adventures since first appearing at X-Art, including some intense sapphic experiences that both she and her fans have enjoyed. Perhaps on of the hottest lesbian scenes has to be the one she shared with site favorite Caprice in the Grow Up With Me full-length video. Technically it was a threesome but there is tons of girl on girl action to grab you attention.

The scene starts with these two hot and sexy women getting back from what appears to be a night of clubbing based on the outfits. Skin tight, short dresses with killer high heels sets the tone. The girls share a kiss as Caprice’s boyfriend watches and when he tries to join in, he is met by Baby’s high heel to his chest. It’s a clear sign that this horny fellow is just going to have to wait his turn. The video starts out with Caprice and Baby pleasuring one another before Marcello joins in, pleasing both ladies in his own way. Jake drops by and joins the action, turning this amazing threesome into an incredible group sex scene. Enjoy the free sample and be sure to click the link below to download the full-lenth HD version.


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