X-Art ~ L.A. Plans

In X-Art’s LA Plans, beautiful blonde babe Izzy and her boyfriend discuss plans to head to America and finally visit Los Angeles. All the talk of what they will do when they finally arrive gets both of them very excited, so much so that passionate kissing turns into so much more. Izzy looks incredibly sexy in her bra, panties and stockings so its not hard to see why Jeryl has a hard time keeping his hands off her petite body. The two touch and kiss until Jeryl slides his hands between her legs and his girlfriend melts into him, allowing him to remove what little clothing she has on.

He teases her pussy with his tongue through her white lace panties before pushing her aside and licking her. The look on Izzy’s face tells you that he is doing a very good job! Jeryl guides her to his stomach and slides into her but he’s not finished pleasuring her with his tongue, pulling out and guiding her to his back. All the teasing seems to be driving his gorgeous girl insane because before you know it, she’s on top and fucking him until he cums nice and hard. As with all X-Art’s hd erotic videos, the action is hot and heavy! Enjoy the free sample clip and if you want to see the full-length version of Izzy’s video, be sure to click the link below.


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