X-Art ~ Many Shades Of Grey

Imagine being lucky enough to have a submissive girl tied up and blindfolded in the same manner that Ivy was in the popular X-Art Release Many Shades Of Grey. With her lingerie already pulled down, exposing her beautiful breasts, and her wrists tied above her head, Jake has the perfect opportunity to tease and please his lover. He certainly does not waste the opportunity and its hard to tell who is enjoying it more; Jake or the beautiful Ivy, who moans uncontrollably at times throughout the high definition erotic video.

Jake takes his time teasing her, starting out by cupping and massaging her breasts before sliding his hand down between her legs. Ivy gasps as he applies pressure through the lace, undoubtedly making her very wet in the process. He begins kissing her neck, working his way down her body before removing her lingerie and turning his focus to her increasingly wet pussy. Ivy enjoys the attention she is receiving and seems to really enjoy submitting to her lover Jake. A very intense video and something we highly recommend you check out today!


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