X-Art ~ Rolling In The Sheets

Some of our favorite releases from X-Art are those where there is real chemistry between those starring in the erotic videos that they produce. The chemistry between Czech beauty Barbie the ever popular James Deen was quite apparent when the two got together for Rolling In The Sheets, a very aptly named video as it took place entirely in bed. These two start out by staring lovingly at each other, sharing a deep passionate kiss as James lets his hands roam over Barbie’s incredibly sexy body. He kisses her neck, moves his way down to her breasts before removing her tiny panties and positioning himself between her legs.

Their hands intertwine as James pleasures her with his tongue, taking his time to make sure Barbie thoroughly enjoys the experience. When the sex begins, he makes sure to continue touching her and kissing, elevating her pleasure. What a true gentleman and an amazing video from the folks over at X-Art. The clip above is just a short trailer to give you an idea of the incredible erotica you’re going to find in the member’s section of X-Art. Daily updates, beautiful women and full-length hardcore videos are all at your disposal so what are you waiting for? Check out the best website for beautiful erotica by clicking the link below!


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