X-Art ~ Truth Or Dare

This could possibly be one of the hottest games of Truth Or Dare ever caught on film! The folks at X-Art got the beautiful Lexi and Mia M together with Tyler and Mr. X and presented it in their usual, erotic fashion. Things start out with a bunch of sexy truths before they get a bit brave and bold. Mia is the first to accept a dare, agreeing to give her boyfriend a blowjob in front of the others. She quickly agrees but she doesn’t do it in the typical fashion that you’d expect. Showing off her flexibility, Mia M literally bends over backwards to please Mr. X and the audience around her.

Through the course of this hot video, you’ll get to see Lexi play with her girlfriend before turning her attention to Tyler. The action gets really hot when they switch partners! Enjoy this sample trailer of the incredible action and if you’d like to get instant access to this full-length, high definition version of this release and all the other amazing updates at X-Art, click the link below!


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