X-Art ~ Unforgettable View Part One

Thanks for stopping by X-Art Videos, where we will be bringing you the newest releases from this beautiful erotica site as well as some of your older favorites. Unforgettable View Part One falls into that category but we feel its worth a revisit as it features the gorgeous Addison from the Czech Republic as its primary starlet. Addison is spending some time at an ocean side villa and enjoying the sun and heat while wearing a very hot and sexy bikini on her slim frame. She admires the view and it seems to do something to her as she feels compelled to touch herself.

Addison rubs and massages her breasts with her hands, occasionally dipping her fingers below the fabric to touch her nipples. With her legs spread open, it kind of foreshadows what is to come next! She leans back and pushes her bikini bottom aside, alternating between rubbing and fingering herself. From time to time she teases her own nipples as she brings herself to a very satisfying orgasm. A very intense solo girl release and one that we highly recommend you check out for yourself by visiting X-Art today!


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