X-Art – X Marks The Spot Starring Vinna


X Marks The Spot adds a little kink to the amazing erotic style of X-Art and it really works if you ask us. Here’s the concept… Beautiful blonde Vinna is bound to an X frame wearing her lingerie, killer high heels and black stockings. As you can see she has no panties on and being bound at the wrist and ankles, she could not prevent anyone from coming up and touching her. That’s just what Angelo does when he comes to stand before her, pulling down her corset and exposing her beautiful breasts to the camera. He teases her by kissing her neck while playing with her pussy, Vinna being totally submissive and allowing things to happen.

Vinna is obviously excited as Angelo kneels before her and licks her pussy, stimulating her clit causing involuntary moans from his girlfriend. He rubs his hard cock against her and finally unties her so Vinna can drop to her knees to suck his cock. This amazing erotic video continues with the two making passionate love, the light bondage having the desired affect of having them both getting very hot and bothered. If you’ve enjoyed the sample images and trailer, we highly recommend you head to X-Art.com and get instant access to the full verstion of X Marks The Spot!


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